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Welcome to the dental practice of Dr. Tomas Hoischen & Dr. Matthias Kelch in Munich. We are delighted that you have found us and hope to welcome you soon in our office. Take a moment to find out more about your dentists on Marienplatz by browsing these pages.


In 1989, the practice was founded by Dr. Rudolf Hocheneder in the center of Munich, just a few meters from Marienplatz. Today, it is a joint practice run by Dr. Tomas Hoischen and Dr. Matthias Kelch. Encompassing around 300 square meters, our practice features seven ultramodern treatment rooms to ensure the best conditions for every procedure. We take care of you!


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Experience & Technology

For over 30 years, patients have valued the smooth and efficient teamwork of our dentists and dental technicians. We work together with our professional dental hygienists to help you maintain long-term dental health. Low radiation digital x-rays, a 3D imaging unit (DVT) and magnifying glasses (loupes) allow us to detect diseases early and reliably.

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Comprehensive treatment spectrum

Benefit from our full range of dental treatments. We take care of all your dental health needs from your first visit as a child all the way to old age. In addition, we offer specialization in the areas of tooth preservation, dental implants and prosthetics.

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In-house dental laboratory

Our state-of-the-art dental laboratory facilitates optimal interaction between dentist and dental technician. This is decisive when dealing with functionally and esthetically demanding cases while achieving the highest quality standards.

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Short waiting times

Our patients enjoy very short waiting times. We keep the right time slots free for you through proactive scheduling and coordination. We always plan extra time for patients with acute dental pain.

Our services:

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Prevent disease with optimal preventive dental care

We place special focus on prevention-oriented dentistry. This means that we avert diseases before they occur through comprehensive preventive care. After all, nothing is more important to us than your own healthy teeth.

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Tooth preservation

Saving diseased teeth permanently

Should dental treatment become necessary at some point, we place utmost importance on providing exceptional quality. Our priority is naturally beautiful esthetics and high durability of the materials used for the preservation of your teeth.

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Keeping bones and gums healthy

We give particular attention to periodontitis, the “silent” widespread disease. Not only can the teeth be affected, but also the periodontium. While the consequences can be severe in some cases, they can be avoided through appropriate preventive care and targeted treatment.

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Dental implants

The modern method of replacing missing teeth

Today, dental implants provide the foundation for replacing missing teeth. They fully restore chewing function and masticatory ability. Healthy adjacent teeth do not have to be included in the procedure. Loose teeth are fixed in place.

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Replace missing teeth invisibly

Dental prosthetics ensure a long-lasting firm bite and complete smile even in the case of tooth loss. The excellent interaction between our dentists and dental technicians enables the seamless fabrication of highly esthetic prosthetics.

Darstellung der Zahnästhetik Dienstleistung der Zahnärzte am Marienplatz

Dental esthetics

We make your wish for a beautiful smile a reality.

You would like to have your teeth whitened gently through bleaching? Or an esthetic makeover with veneers or ceramic crowns? Let us know your wishes – we would be happy to provide comprehensive information about the possibilities of modern esthetic dentistry.

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Surgery in the tooth and jaw area

Surgical interventions in the oral cavity may include the removal of (wisdom) teeth or jaw cysts. We can perform a root tip resection to preserve teeth with inflammation of the root. Bone grafting can be used for dental implants or after periodontal disease to regenerate lost bone.

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Splint & aligner therapy

Help for grinding, snoring and crooked teeth

Teeth grinding can lead to damage of the tooth substance. Relaxation splints help promote a good night’s rest and protect the teeth. In the case of snoring and sleep apnea, protrusion splints help to keep the airway open and also spares your partner from disturbing noises. We use transparent Invisalign splints to treat alignment issues.

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Profilbild von Zahnarzt Dr. Tomas Hoischen in München

Bewertung wird geladen…

Dr. Tomas Hoischen

  • Certified specialist for implantology (BDIZ EDI)
  • Languages: English, French
  • Born in Menden (Sauerland)
  • Dental studies – University of Freiburg, Germany
  • Licensed dentist since 2005
  • Doctoral thesis: “Vollkeramischer Zahnersatz auf Implantaten” (Prof. Dr. Dr. Strub, University of Freiburg)
  • Structured continuing education/Curriculum Implantology (Prof. Dr. Dr. Zöller)
  • Specialized training in digital volume tomography (DVT) for the preparation and evaluation of three-dimensional x-ray images
  • Invisalign (invisible braces) certification
  • Dental residency: Herrsching am Ammersee and Munich
  • Practicing dentistry at Rosenstraße 7 since 2007
  • Joint practice with Dr. Rudolf Hocheneder at Zahnärzte am Marienplatz
  • Since 2021: Joint practice with Dr. Matthias Kelch – Zahnärzte am Marienplatz
  • Regular participation in advanced training programs with a focus on implantology, periodontics and esthetic dentistry


  • European Association of Dental Implantologists (
  • German Society for Dental Sleep Medicine (
Profilbild von Zahnarzt Dr. Matthias Kelch in München

Bewertung wird geladen…

Dr. Matthias Kelch, M.Sc.

  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Dental Prosthetics
  • Languages: English, French
  • Born in Munich
  • Trained dental technician
  • Dental studies – Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • Licensed dentist since 2014
  • Doctoral thesis: “Verbundfestigkeit moderner Reparatursysteme auf vollkeramischem Zahnersatz”
  • Dental residency: Polyclinic for Dental Prosthetics at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Prof. Dr. D. Edelhoff)
  • Specialized training in digital volume tomography (DVT) for the preparation and evaluation of three-dimensional x-ray images
  • Invisalign (invisible braces) certification
  • Dental aid projects in Tonga, the Philippines and Nepal (documentary: Annapurna Flossing)
  • Practicing dentistry at Rosenstraße 7 since 2018
  • Materials science research at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
  • Joint practice with Dr. Tomas Hoischen – Zahnärzte am Marienplatz
  • Regular advanced training in prosthodontics, esthetics, CAD/CAM and implantology


Dental aid project in Nepal

Three dentists from Munich bring dental aid to a remote mountain valley in Nepal. Dr. Matthias Kelch shares his remarkable experiences in the documentary Annapurna Flossing.

The following trailer provides a first glimpse:

We look forward to your visit in the heart of Munich.